AWS Practice Test


All the exams are free. You can take any exams any number of times.

  • All situation based question
  • No limit based question
  • Most questions span across multiple services
  • All the latest service (ex: Lambda, Cognito) is included 
  • No too obvious answers

Latest patterns can be found as part of comments and posts in below forums

  • Reddit 
  • acloudguru forums 
  • Linuxacademy forums
  • Udemy course reviews comments
  • Medium blog and comments

Sectional test have less number of question and revolves around some crucial parts of the exam

The practice test is a full-blown which are the exact simulation of aws certification test with the exact same number of question in a time-bound manner.

Use these exams with other learning materials like Wizlabs, Tutorialdojo along with what mentioned in the blog 

If you get 80% in all the three exams and certification you are ready

You can have a look at this post. For some project ideas. This repo has more than 700 project ideas.

I can help you with your resume tips 

Paid practice questions are undermining the true value of certification. This our first step to make these questions free to break this culture. We will bring HANDS-ON lab soon to emphasize on practical implmenetation.

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