Top five free AWS resources for Certification

Top five free AWS resources for certification 

I am writing about the resources that I have used for my AWS Certification preparation. These are written in on particular order but for preparation we should use the below timeline

  • Go through official AWS Certification guides 
  • Do simultaneous hands-on with Knowledge India videos  (Prepares cheatsheet like tutorial dojo)
  • Give practice exam form tehcloudonline and don’t see the explanation
  •  Go through different flashcards and  find out the write answers on your own ( Look into AWS documentation, Knowledge India videos)
  • Retake the tests until you reach 90% for the last three attempts
  • Go through Reddit, cloud guru blogs to see the latest trends and  read about those areas
  •  Don’t hope for the best, because you know you will pass

AcloudGuru discussion forums,Reddit,Tutorialdojo Cheatsheet

Acloudguru is undoubtedly one of the most uses of AWS Learning platforms.
Acloudguru discussion forums  helps to know the latest (updated till yeasterday) trends areas of questions asked in the actual certification exam
  •   The forums access is fress even if you are out of a trial period
  • You will see the lastest and best questions mentioned in the discussion
  • Any new areas touched in the exam is mention in the forums
  • You will see how successful students have used different materials and their learning path
  • Most detailed answers and explanations provided 

Search for the experience (look for the most recent ones) in the subreddits

  •   Real-time experience shared by the users
  •  Failure experience in also shared which showcased common mistakes

In-depth analysis of different techniques and material used by  different task takers Latest exam trends and areas coming in the questions (This is really useful as no course of practice exam can be this updated)

Totorialdojo cheatsheet

These cheat sheets are really useful for cracking the actual aws exam. A suggestion is

you prepare your own cheatsheet like this on pen and paper with every time you give any practice test


As part of my experience in multiple certifications, I am listing down the top 5 resources fro AWS certification.


  • Extremely well-articulated step by step live demonstration (No theory)
  • A detailed playlist of 69 videos (More than 20 hours of content) which covers most of AWS Solution Architect certification syllabus  
  • Clarifies doubts in a different area of AWS  which are most confusing (ex: NaCl, subnet, security group)
  • Real-time implementation and the instructor is really selfless to help the students and make them understand  true AWS
  • Different Long exhaustive playlist ( Interview tricks, CVs career talks), Automation using AWS, Lambdas, AWS Pricing tricks are goldmines 

Cons :

  •       No text equivalent instructions
  •       No codebase or CFT template given
  •       No practice test 
  •       No sandbox lab

This is a relatively new site where we can get some good updated practice question tests for free.

Pros :-

  • All the questions are updated comes the same as  per the exams (All situational)
  • Time-bound with the exact number of questions
  • The questions are having detailed explanations
  • No limit based questions
  • You can give the tests as many times as you can
  • Reach out to the instructors for any clarification


  •       No analytical dashboard to compare the progress
  •      The exam history is not stored
  •      Some times too difficult




EDX provides comprehensive training on different aws services. Which can be used as AWS tutorials for passing the Solution architect certification.



  • EDX standard of delivery and vetted instructors  
  • End to end solution deployment 
  •  Use different services to come with own application building
  • Supported quiz test (Basic)
  • Possible certificate (Not free)
  • Forums 


  •     Starts on a specific date
  •     Slow-paced and not geared to any certification track
  •   Too long and time-consuming for a fast learner

Flashcards play a very important part of the preparation. Quizlet flashcards are very updated as it is created by the certification takers. These are often the most relevant tutorial material for aws learning and certification.


  • Pros:
    Updated by realtime users
  • Quick notes for different services 
  • A lot of updated questions (Not close to the actual kind of questions)
  • Can be shared across


  • It’s better to create your own flashcard which helps in memorization
  • Cheatsheet and flashcards may not helpful for situational questions
  • There are many flashcards which can be overwhelming for a particular exam




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